Advantages of Solar Water Heater

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Solar energy regarded as a kind of green and renewable clean energy, is widely used in the field of domestic hot water and heating. The solar geyser has become a new star of water heater industry absolutely. There are so many advantages of solar water heater compared with electric water heater and gas water heater. We describe the benefits of solar water heater as follows.

The first advantage of solar water heater: it is a kind of green and renewable energy. Compared with the conventional energy, solar energy is a kind of renewable energy, which has the characteristics of inexhaustibility. Only with the sunlight, the solar water heater can be to convert the heat, and can run all the year round.

The second advantage of solar water heater: it has remarkable economic benefit. It is a significant characteristic for solar water heater which will be a long time benefit by only one time investment. As a general rule, 90 percent daily fees for heating water electricity and gas can be saved by using solar energy water heater to heat, which can reduce the expenses for a family, all can be back in one to four years.

The third advantage of solar water heater china: can use well with other energy systems, which can realize all-weather running. For example, solar energy lawn lamp, solar floor heating radiator, solar energy panels and so on.

The fourth advantage of solar water heater: green environmental protection. Solar energy as a kind of clean renewable energy, without pollution or potential safety hazard. For example, solar water heaters are installed in every family of a whole povince which can reduce the average temperature in 1℃. This is the reason why more and more families like to us solar water heater, because the use of solar water heater can make the sky more blue, the mountain greener, air cooler and waters cleaner of our province,it is really an effective measure to protect green environment.

The fifth advantage of solar water heater: safety and with a long service life. In the modern times, there is a security issue of the use of gas water heater and electric water heater. There are more than five fatal accidents happen due to the use of water heater in our province. There will be no poisoning and the hidden danger of electric shock by using solar energy, it is very safe. And the major components of the solar energy water heater can be used more than fifteen years. There are many benefits of solar water heater, all appearance, energy saving , comfort or use effect of it is of far-reaching significance and remarkable effect. With the development of residence in the modern times, traditional family water heater will be intended by solar water heater gradually, and has become the mainstream products in the family life of hot water.