Design a Solar Geyser With Plastic Bottle

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Solar energy is a clean, energy saving and safe energy, in a long time, people are trying and learning to make full use of this energy to benefit human kinds, solar geyser is one of the successful achievements. We already know that the solar geyser is widely used in the world, here we will introduce a simply we of how to DIY a solar geyser with plastic bottles,etc. Before make a solar geyser, we should make sure we know what exactly form a solar geyser and how did it works.

Main parts of solar geyser: solar thermal collector, insulated storage tanks, connecting pipeline, framework and control system. Working principle: the heat pipe thermal solar collector will collect solar power and converse the light energy into heat energy, after that, storage the hot water with insulated storage tanks.The control system will control the waters in an out.

The process of making a solar geyser:
Design specification:
1) It can storage a minimum of 200ml water;
2) The water can be heated in a satisfied temperature within 15 min.

Materials: large capacity tray, foamed plastic, small plastic bottles, tinfoil, transparent plastic.

Heating and insulation:
1) Bottles up, reflective with tinfoil on the back.
2) Cover the light side with plastic.
3) Painting the entire box with black, you can convert the angle of the box.
4) Dug a hole that can just vertical stuffed into three fifth of the bottle(prevent heat distributed)on bubble (also painted black), two-fifths dew in outside for receiving sunlight, placing them into a box and cover with transparent plastic. Covering the entire box with tinfoil as illuminator, the illuminator in the bottom can directly tile in the front of the box (the larger the illuminator is, the more light and hot are absorbed). Make sure the reflection sunlight can exposure to the bottle or the box for absorbing more heat. A simple low pressure solar geyser made up with plastic bottle is done then.

1) The water is easy to exposure to the sun in the glassy plastic bottle and effectively prevented heat loss. Thus playing a dual role in heating and insulation, which means the plastic bottles and trays are collectors and incubators simultaneously.
2) Painting the box with black is to absorb more solar radiation.
3) Coving the back of the bottle with tinfoil is to enhance reflection, the injected sunlight will reflect back into the bottle, reducing the outflow of heat. The box was covered with transparent plastic is playing the same role.
4) Surrounding the box withe foamed plastic is to keep the water warm.
5) Bottles up with framework and make it trainable is to make sure the sunlight in all the daytime.