Notes of Installing Solar Collector

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Solar energy, as a new energy, has entered the lives of ordinary people, appeared in people field of vision. The solar energy water heater is one of the most common. As one component of solar water heater, solar collector is the core of the solar water heater. In the installation of solar panels, there are many notes need to be paid attention to.

The following are solar collector installation notes:
1. Do not put the solar battery assembly mounted on trees, buildings and other shade. Do not close to the fire, or flammable materials. Assembly structures should meet the environmental requirements and select the appropriate materials and anti-corrosion treatment. Use a reliable method to install components to avoid that components will fall from high places and lead to the destruction or interference of financial security. Components can not be disassembled, bended, impacted with hard object, and avoid stampede on the components.
2. Battery plate assembly must be fixed in the bracket lock using the spring gasket and gasket pace. According to the site environment and the assembly support structure state,  assemble the battery plate assembly linking to the ground in an appropriate manner.
3. The battery plate assembly having a pair of male and female waterproof plugs, for electrical series connection, the “+” pole plug has to be connected to the next components “-” pole plug. The output circuit has to be connected to the equipment correctly. Do not short-circuit the positive and negative pole. Ensure that there is no gap between the connector and the insulated joints.
4. Always check whether the hoisting structure has gotten loose, if necessary, tighten the parts. Check the wire and plug connection to see their connecting state.
5. Often wipe the surface of the components with a soft cloth. If do want to replace the (generally do not need 20 years) component, make sure to use the same type of products. Do not touch the cable or joint activity parts unless with proper safety equipment (insulating tools or gloves) in.
6. Repair components use opaque objects or material covering the front surface of the component, because the component will produce high pressure under the irradiation of sunlight which is very dangerous. To ensure the quality of assembly, use Quality Assurance PV components whose warranty is over 20 years. Within 10 years, the power attenuation is less than 10%, for 20 years, less than 20% power attenuation. Generally, assembly actual service life of the component is over 25 years.
7. Measures must be taken before the positive and negative battery output connected to controller of the components to avoid short circuit.
8. Solar cell module should be connected with the bracket solid and reliable.
9. Battery assembly toward to south prevailing to the compass pointing.
10. Solar modules should avoid exposure to sunlight and tie fastened.

After all have done right, we install the solar water heater collector correctly, and we can enjoy the convenience that solar energy bring in safely and happily.