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Pressure Solar Water Heater with Copper Coil

The best seller in compact solar water heater series. It is one of the most reliable products. End users use the fresh water from the copper coil. In addition, the water is pressure, not like non-pressure solar water heater.


Product Description

Ecotec Pre-heated with coil

ecotec copper coil solar water heater

Working Principle:

The vacuum glass tubes receive the solar radiation, and as a result heat up the water in the tank. When cold water flows into the copper coil, it will be heated by the hot water in the tank.


· Inner tank: stainless steel SUS304 2B food grade-0.50mm
· Outer tank: Painted steel-0.4mm / Stainless Steel SUS304-0.4mm
· Frame: coated galvanised steel-1.5mm
· The material of insulation: polyurethane
· Reflector: aluminum (Optional)
· Copper coil: Φ12mm, thickness 1.0mm
· Vacuum tube: AL-SS/CU (Diameter: 58mm-Length: 1800mm)
· Solar heat storage tank diameter(mm): 360/470mm
· Max. fluid pressure(pa): 1MPa
· Operation fluid pressure(pa): 0.4MPa
· Coil connection(inch): 1/2 inch
· Hot-outlet(inch): 3/4 inch
· Cold-inlet(inch): 3/4 inch
· Small tank connection(inch): 1/2 inch
· Electric heater connection(inch): 1 inch
· Collector angle(degree): 20/45/Other
· Products can be customised to your demands

Additional Information

tubes quantity

10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 25, 30

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