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Heat Pipe Solar Collector

The most popular and reliable solar collector in the world. The best seller in our company. The efficiency is 74.5%.


Product Description

Ecotec Heat pipe Split system

Ecotec heat pipe models


Key Specification:

· Water is rapidly heated by the heat pipe.
· There is no water in the vacuum tube, so the tube will not break in winter.
· The small size of the collector allows for versatile architectonic integration.
· Collector can be combines with existing pipeline.
· The collector can operate even in case of a broken tube. A single tube can if necessary be exchanged without interruption of the heating cycle.


· Outer Case: aluminum alloy-2.0mm
· Pipes: Non-Oxgen copper TU1
· Insulation thickness(mm): 40mm
· Frame: aluminum alloy-2.0mm
· Manifold connection(inch): 1/2inch or 3/4inch
· Vacuum tubes: AL-SS/CU (Diameter: 58mm-Length: 1800mm)
· Test pressure(pa): 1MPa
· Operating fluid ppressure(pa): 0.6MPa
· Max. service temperature: 95°C
· Max. stagnation temperature: 242°C
· Flow range recommendation: 50-150l/m2h
· Min. collector angle(degree): 15°
· Max. collector angle(degree): 75°

Additional Information

tubes quantity

10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 25, 30

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