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No power RO Water Purifier

No power RO water purifier. No electricity is used. Economic and safe life. This water purifier needs the water pressure 0.18-0.45MPa. If the water pressure is not suitable, please do not use this product.

Product Description

Technical Data:

Working Pressure: 0.18-0.45 MPa

Input Water Temperature: 5-38°C

Capacity: 100GPD (100 gallons per day)

Power Supply: No Power needed

Pump: No Pump

Fitting: Quick fitting

Water Pressure Display: 0~0.8MPa

Tank Capacity: 3.0G

Packing size: 39 x 27.5 x 46 cm


Filter Cartridge:

1st GAC – GAC filtration wipes off residual chlorine, THM’s, unpleasant smell, pesticides, chemical poisons

2nd PP-1um – Can further remove small particles in the water, suspended solids, colloids, etc.

3rd RO – RO membrane remove the micro impurities, colloid, metal, bacterials and so on. Only left the water molecule and dissolved oxygen, output water is purity water

4th Post active carbon – Improve the PH. Avoid the second contamination mineral ball filter. Add mineral material in the pure water, more healthy.


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