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Details on installation of solar energy heater: Firstly, what should be paid attention to of solar water heater if it is a single courtyard of a rural building? Single-door courtyard has the best loading condition to install solar water heater. The way of exterior wall cloth tube can be adopted to cloth hot water pipe to the toilet of every layer. Its own water tower should be higher more than 1 meter than that of solar water heater, pipe insulation tube should keep warm, water heater should place well in order to prevent the damage from the typhoon.

Secondly, if you want to install solar geyser when you move to a new house, what should you pay attention to when decorating? At first, contact with the manufacturer or the distributor with good quality technology and perfect after-sales service, they will help you to decorate the pipe. Usually, you just need to consider hot water pipe inlet and outlet pipe exports when decorating. If you want to choose electric heating and control apparatus, you should ensure the location of the switch or control instrument in order to reach the purpose of harmonious, safe and convenient. The location for installation outside should be decided by negotiating of suppliers and users, before installing, the property and the neighbor identity should be obtained.

Which pipe should be used as up and down pipe and overflow pipe? The highest water temperature can reached to 95 degrees of the water heater. In order to prevent aging and softening of the material, affecting the normal use in daily life, it is better to adopt high quality aluminous model canal.

Different manufacturer of aluminum composite pipe why there is a big price difference? Different manufacturer of aluminum composite pipe for quality, there will be a large price difference, mainly displays in: one is the plastic material and the thickness difference; Different aluminum core structure, welding and lap; Three is a difference between the material and thickness of the aluminum core.

There is so much water in solar energy; it will put the roof crush? Do not worry about it, the normal load had thought of the roof, it is usually 150kg/square meters to ensure installation of solar water heater. If the roof is light, supporting point of the roof must be selected and making foundation reinforcement when installing solar energy.

Installing support should be fixed. Generally a cement block, expansion bolts or a fixed rope should be adopted according to the situation of the roof. When installing solar water heater should lightning-protection? Before installing, the lightning rod next to the top of the water heater should be raised effectively, to make it over half meter higher than the top of the China solar collector, at the same time, the tank of the water heater must be effective grounding. The indoor outlet must be combined with ground wire bonding, and do not use the water heater when there is a thunderstorm.