Tips for Buying Solar Water Heater

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Here are some tips for buying solar water heater; “four great attention” is the key for buying solar energy water heater as follows. Firstly, to analysis the enterprise strength of producing is very important when choose to buy a solar water heater. There are many areas reflected enterprise strength, the most important is the production status of the key parts among them. There are three parts, including vacuum tube, thermal insulation layer and bladder. Heating of water heater and heat preservation are determined by vacuum tubes and thermal insulation layer, and the service life of water heater is decided by bladder, so the three parts are the most important keys of solar water heater.

The first one, according to the national standard, high borosilicate 3.3 glass material which cost is relatively high must be used for the vacuum tube, only this can ensure its pervious to light and its strength of crush resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

The second one is the thickness of the inner tank. Quality of the inner tank decides the life of the water heater, if the inner tank is leaking, the water heater will be discarded. In order to ensure the life of water heater can reach more than 15 years, should adopt argon arc seamless welding. The thickness of the tank of some other brands of solar water heater distributor is usually between 0.2mm and 0.4mm, but it was leaking problem after using for a period of time. So it is very important to know the thickness of the tank clearly before buying the solar water heater for buyers. At the same time, should take precautions against “patch water tank” which tank is composed by some waste steel strip sewing, there are more than ten welding mouths of the whole tank. Such a water tank, not only low quality, also may be contaminated with germs which will damage consumers health.

The third one is the thermal insulation layer. The quality and thickness of the thermal insulation layer decide heat preservation effect of the water heater.

Secondly, the after-sales service is very important, according to the principle of three points for products, seven points for service. After-sales service also plays important roles on selecting and buying solar water heater. So choose a big brand of water heater is very important when buying it.

Thirdly, ensure safety when using the solar water heater. It is better to choose the solar water heater with the logo of 3C certification. In addition, the function of running water should be focus on. At the same time, should check the pipe, accessories the product use, and see if it can adapt to high temperature and freezing conditions or not. Also should know whether all the wires can match the electric heater power and so on.

Fourthly, when buying the solar heater, consumers need to know the logo of different registered trademarks of solar water heater.